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Hello! peeps! I somehow..not that active here I got no mood to draw in an artblock but I got an osu mood *awkward laugh*


If you note me about your commissions just because It depends I want too finish it or not- Haha..I'm not leaving okie?.. I think that's all bai bai bai peeps! ;; - ;; /


.: About me :.

Hello my dear stalkers! o7o /

Welcome to my dear page~
My name is Yan or Yanny people call me! Nice to meet you!~
I'm just a regular random otaku fujoshi gurl and I'm 14 this year~
Hope we can be friends ^u^ /

|| Imuy-Chan Commission acc ||

Haruki & Ayaki chibi by Nyuui
Pagedoll Yan by Yannie-chan


Meme by :iconcoyotechalk:

What is your Osu! username?


What was your first beatmap?

-Tutorial map and Kill La Kill opening 2

When did you start to play Osu!? 

-5 months ago~ around jun I guess? = 7 =''

Do you have a favorite beatmap?
-drop pop candy reol version
-Kunoichi demo koi ga shitai
and many more

How did you find osu!? 

-By few friends at FB o v o

Which mode do you prefer? Mania, Standard, Catch The Beat, Taiko?

-Standard and Catch the beat

Do you consider yourself good? 

- I don't know..? Practice a lot? = 7 = ... since I'm good at Standard,Taiko and CTB except for Mania

What is your current Level? 

- I'mma level 41 now!

Do you have a supporter tag?

-Not yet- maybe in the future

Do you have any favorite Mappers?
- No- = 7 =

Who do you look up to as a player? 

- Cookiezi,WubWoofWolf,Azer and FunOrange

Do you play games like Osu!? (ex: AudioSurf, Guitar Hero, etc) 

- Yeah- sure why not? I have play Guitar Hero before-

Can you complete a AR10 map? 


How high on BPM can you go? 

- idk- depends

What do you use for aiming? 

- Mouse sometimes Tablet Pen

What do you use for tapping?

- Pen's tip or Z+X on keyboard

What strengths do you have on osu? (ex: good at streaming, good at 
hidden, good with flashlight)

- Good at Nightcore,Hidden,HardRock and DoubleTime

What weaknesses do you have on osu? (ex: bad at streaming, bad at hidden, bad with flashlight)


You can have one special talent in osu! standard. stream talent, hidden 
talent, or flashlight talent. What would it be?

- Hidden talent~

If you use a mouse, how long did it get you to play well with it? 

- After few days you'll get the hang of it

Advice for beginners? 

- Keep practicing until you get the hang of it- I wish you luck!

In a couple of years, do you think you will still play osu!? 

- Sure why not?

What is your favorite diff? (easy, normal, hard, insane. guests work too, like Nogard)

- Normal and Hard

Favorite Mod? (hr,hd,fl,dt,fl) 

- HR,HD and DT

Do you go on the forums?

- Sometimes if Im looking for skins

If so, how many posts do you have?

- none o v o

What achievements have you reached? (ex: reached lvl 90 etc) 

- YannieNeko unlocked the "500 Combo (any song)" achievement 
- YannieNeko unlocked the "750 Combo (any song)" achievement
- YannieNeko unlocked the "Catch 20,000 fruits" achievement
- YannieNeko unlocked the "S-Ranker" achievement
- YannieNeko unlocked the "Challenge Accepted" achievement

Do you go on Multiplayer often?

- Of course~ with a friend of mine

What in osu! do you think needs improving?

- I don't know- *shrugs*

Is there any features you'd like to see happen?

- Anything I don't mind~

Do you map/mod beatmaps?

 - Nah-

If you haven't, do you want to?

- Nah-

Is there any channels you go on? (ex: #help#


Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 4:57 AM

Hey!~ ; 7 ; I'm not active here but I'll be doing a lil commission~

SKETCHPAGE - 300 :points:

because im busy ; 7 ; so anyone interest it?~~ i'll make more slots



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wha? did you just? ..why did you? thank you so much for the watch><Artimist - Puppy Eyes / teary eyes 
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Hiya, just wanted to say I'm open for Commissions (LINK)
I'm apologizing ahead if this bothers you -sorry!
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Konoha : goodbye~ :iconkurohasmirkplz:
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Do you know how to RP?
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asdfghjkl yan, did you already start our part of AT? //slapped
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Qiu-19 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
done bby u v u
AT: Yannie-chan by Nyuui
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Enjoy and have fun! :heart: revamp 

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I hope you enjoy your stay. Hug
Have fun and remember to keep on lovin' Rin! Love
Also, a contest has just been announced! Please have a look at it! We would love it if you could participate! .:aww lover:. 

Free! Stamp: Chibi Rin by wow1076
Chomp chomp by mutei Chomp chomp by mutei Chomp chomp by mutei Chomp chomp by mutei

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